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Oil Painting – Statuesque – part 1

Slow progress on the personal projects right now as I’ve got a few pro-bono pieces I’m working on for other groups. I have managed to squeeze in some time to work on this, based on a photo of a statue I took at my last trip to the ROM. They had it lit so gorgeously I couldn’t resist trying to paint it.  I’m still fairly new to painting with real media, so I’m using this mainly as a practice piece, since it lends itself well to a limited palette. The left side isn’t quite that light in person – I don’t have access to a tripod so I had to use the flash.


Idea sketch: bowl of fruit

April 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Another day another update, whoa!

Anywhoo, here’s a drawing I did from a stock photo. I’m thinking of making a painting of it and I’m playing with composition.