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4th Doctor – Complete

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Done a lot of work since last post. I’ve pretty much stopped using my screenshot reference and the walkthrough in the book. I decided I really didn’t like the impasto effect, so I’ve done a lot of work smoothing that out. I’ve done some work adding extra reflected light, and corrected the colour on the green part of scarf on the right side of the neck.

And of course, the final touches, the eyes. Finished at last! It was a long haul, but it’s worth it. I’m very happy with my progress on this one.


On to Doctor number five!


4th Doctor – now with more details

  • After some more advice from the lovely folks at ConceptArt, I’ve made a lot of little changes:
  • enlarged the head a bit
  • reworked the hand
  • added buttons to the vest
  • did some texturing
  • added some interest to the background.

I think I’m in the home stretch now.

4th Doctor – basic shading

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment

This one looks a bit more like our beloved 4th Doctor, now that I’ve got my basic shading in.

3rd Doctor — Bad Hair Day

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m still struggling with the 3rd Doctor’s hair. I ended up scrapping what I’d done on the detailing on the right side and tried another approach.   I like this better but it’s still not quite what I had in mind.

3rd Doctor — refining

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The third Doctor is really starting to take shape.  I started by blocking out his clothes, which made me realize the shadows on his face need to be darker. Darkened those and started a detailing pass. I’m pretty happy with  the eyes. Started on the hair, but it looks like I”ll either have to lighten the hair. Hoping I’ll be able to start adding colour soon. Still need to figure out what to do with the background, though.

Doctor Who Portrait Project – 2nd Doctor, finished

My portrait of the second Doctor, complete at last!

Actually, I finished it a while ago, but due to spectacular bad timing I moved and had to fight with my internet company for a week before they connected me again so I could post.


Not too much work this time. Defined the ears, darkened up the background, tweaked around with his bow tie a bit and added the details to the suspenders.

Next is to find a few good screenshots of the Third Doctor. I’m hoping to get a bit more creative with it than just copying the screenshot.

Doctor Who Portrait Project – 2nd Doctor, part 3

The painting of the  second doctor is taking shape.

Worked on blocking in the rest of the outfit. It’s getting really tedious, doing the detail work on that will be a major pain.

Did a round of detailing on the eyes and nose, which was much more fun. It’s coming along surprisingly well — no overlays to check my work, honest! I’ve always found doing hair to be fun, but Two’s hair is giving me difficulty. I just can’t get it to look right compared to the face. I had another layer of detailing on it using a more bristle-y kind of brush but I just had to get rid of it. I’ll probably end up going back to the base shade tomorrow and trying again from scratch.

Also not sure about that one eyebrow. I’ll just have to sit on it.