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Doctor Who Portrait Project – 2nd Doctor

So, since I’ve finally watched through to the end of the 2nd Doctor’s run, it’s time to start on his portrait.

This time, I’ve chosen this screenshot of a confused Two where you can see his goofy suspenders:

I was determined to take more time in the sketch phase this time and really force myself to observe, so after the inital attempt, I scanned it in and superimposed the sketch over the reference, then went back to my sketchbook to refine the sketch.

Initial sketch 2nd scan
Final sketch

Overall, as off as the initial sketch looks compared to the final version, there’s a lot that matched up pretty well: The mouth chin is spot-on, and the eyes and eyebrows are too big, but they’re the right shapes. The nose lined up pretty well.  I need to pay more attention to the shape of the jaw, the collar/shoulders, the top of the head. The head was too wide but it’s closer to the original image than my initial sketch of the First Doctor was.

Next step, start the CG! I’m thinking of trying Painter instead of Photoshop this time.

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