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Doctor Who Portrait Project – 2nd Doctor, part 4

My quest to paint portraits of each and every Doctor continues with more progress on the Second Doctor.

I’m in the middle of moving, so I haven’t had much time to work on this lately. This weekend’s project was to buy and then assemble a massive amount of IKEA furniture I still needed, (because a bed and dresser and such would help :P) but I was able to put some time in after dinner tonight. Today, I really struggled with the hair. I’ve never been able to develop a satisfactory method of painting hair.  I wanted a more loose, painterly feel to it rather than a detailed rendering of each strand of hair, but most of the tutorials I could find either dealt with photo-realistic hair, cloning hair from a photograph, or an anime-inspired method involving big huge blocks of colour. I finally found one technique that was worth experimenting with, so I wiped out all the shading from the last post and started over, but I’m still not 100% pleased with it. I’m not sure it goes too well with the style of the shading on the face.

I also refined the eyebrows, which  I think helps make the expression look more readable as puzzlement. I’ll take  break from the hair next session and work on defining the ears.  I’ve also got to revisit the shirt and suspenders. I’m pretty happy witht the collar, but the rest looks pretty sloppy, and the shoulders still aren’t convincing. I’ve also got to add the little half-moons to the suspenders still. Still, I’m on the home stretch. One or two more sessionss and I think this one will be done.


Doctor Who Portrait Project – 2nd Doctor, part 3

The painting of the  second doctor is taking shape.

Worked on blocking in the rest of the outfit. It’s getting really tedious, doing the detail work on that will be a major pain.

Did a round of detailing on the eyes and nose, which was much more fun. It’s coming along surprisingly well — no overlays to check my work, honest! I’ve always found doing hair to be fun, but Two’s hair is giving me difficulty. I just can’t get it to look right compared to the face. I had another layer of detailing on it using a more bristle-y kind of brush but I just had to get rid of it. I’ll probably end up going back to the base shade tomorrow and trying again from scratch.

Also not sure about that one eyebrow. I’ll just have to sit on it.

Doctor Who Portrait Project – 2nd Doctor, part 2

I scanned in my sketch of Two and took it into Corel Painter right away. Other than the fill tool in the background and the plain tinter for blocking out the figure, I’m using the oil pastels pretty much exclusively for this. I’m liking the blendy-ness of them, the very slight texture it gives, and the painterly feel of the end result. Next to this, my painting of poor One looks like he’s made out of  pastic or something.

Here’s where I stopped today: The face is about 75% done. I need to do another pass with blackest-black, and I may or may not noodle on it for a bit to get an extra level of detail if I have the patience. I blocked in the hair and eyebrows to get a feel for the tone, and I started on the collar on the right side. I’m thinking of lowering that shoulder – It doesn’t seem to fit, since I’m omitting the hand.

Doctor Who Portrait Project – 2nd Doctor

So, since I’ve finally watched through to the end of the 2nd Doctor’s run, it’s time to start on his portrait.

This time, I’ve chosen this screenshot of a confused Two where you can see his goofy suspenders:

I was determined to take more time in the sketch phase this time and really force myself to observe, so after the inital attempt, I scanned it in and superimposed the sketch over the reference, then went back to my sketchbook to refine the sketch.

Initial sketch 2nd scan
Final sketch

Overall, as off as the initial sketch looks compared to the final version, there’s a lot that matched up pretty well: The mouth chin is spot-on, and the eyes and eyebrows are too big, but they’re the right shapes. The nose lined up pretty well.  I need to pay more attention to the shape of the jaw, the collar/shoulders, the top of the head. The head was too wide but it’s closer to the original image than my initial sketch of the First Doctor was.

Next step, start the CG! I’m thinking of trying Painter instead of Photoshop this time.