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Landscape painting class, day one

I’m currently enrolled in a landscape painting class that is held on-location at a park near the college.

Here’s the result of day 1. Not bad for a first try.

I played it safe with acrylics today but eventually I’d like to move on to the water-mixable oils.

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Enviros mentoring idea brainstorming, part two

More thumbnails for the conceptart thread.

I’m still having issues with composition. It’s like I know in my head what to do but it refuses to come out on paper the way I want.

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Enviros mentoring idea brainstorming

I managed to get in on the start of an enviros mentoring thread on ConceptArt, lucky me!

Assignment 1 is to do a bunch of thumbnails in greyscale. Borrowing an idea from one of my fellow mentees, I decided to sketch them out the old-fashioned way – with mechanical pencil, staedler felt-tip pens, and a set of cool grey copic sketch markers.

I’ve got five done now, but still need a buttload more. At least I’m improving as I go.

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