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Oil Still Life WIP and Pencil Portrait

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

First post!

I’m Asuka, your host, and this here’s my art blog. I’m but a humble hobbyist who’s trying to improve her skills any way she can, and I’ve started this blog to track my progress.

So with the introductions done, let’s get on with the art.

A couple of WIPs today.

Pencil sketch loosely based on a stock portrait I found somewhere. I’m currently working on adding colour to this in Painter. I haven’t done anything in Painter for a while so I wanted to dust off the cobwebs, so to speak.

Here’s my current major project, learning how to paint with oils. This is step 3 in my process, after a monochrome and a duotone painting of simple geometric shapes. I got bored of shapes and decided to do a still life. Why I chose a setup with all that glass is beyond me. I’ve worked on this more since this was taken but I don’t want to post too much at once.

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